five more songs (2011)

by anthony savino

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    These songs were recorded at home in the summer of 2011.




released July 16, 2011



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Track Name: buypolar

I've got everything I need
But often I feel so incomplete
Like the water's come up to my knees
As it rises I'll sink to the rambling reef
Maybe when the big flood comes again
I'll have learned how to swim by then

I'm not sure if it's okay
for someone my age to feel this way
To hold on to yesterday
To be holed up in memories on replay
They're heavy now and when I carry them around
I'm older than the trees, older than the rocks and leaves
I'm older than the breeze on the sea

I've been watching all the skies
The clouds in the morning and the stars at night
They tell me there's something on the rise
I put into melody and scrapped it out of spite
It was weighing on my conscience so I wrote this song to say:
Nothing here is wrong, everyone keep shopping
Keep dropping off your kids at TVs stringing them along
I am seeing now I'm a creature of my culture
And this emptiness I feel isn't doubt of my ability or a lessening of empathy
No, it's just that I haven't bought anything today

I, I, I should get some rest
But the fire in my belly's burning something on my chest
Tomorrow I'm giving it my best
I'll be giving though this world just takes and takes 'til nothing's left
Nothing here is sacred, no it's all on billboards now
Even I'll be selling out by this time next quarter when the borders are all flush with the bargain basement aisles
Automatic acquisition, got a tragic disposition?
Don't go dishing out your sorrows when they're just dollars you've yet to spend
Track Name: the longest line
The Longest Line

Broken bricks and brittle leaves beneath my feet: "I'll never leave," I used to say, now days are gray, I am compelled to move on. Starry-eyed and wonder-weary, I'd fear the coming years before they all were crawling, falling into space and time before me. Now the frost has come and gone but the night is long and drawn out, I'll thaw out my heart within a song. We are hardly the ones to break the bars. Minutes tick and windows moan at home where those who keep doors closed to visitors are fitting words in boxes to be publicized. Hollowed out and broken down by how we sound and now we drown on a too-glossed page. Walk away from strangers, they are dangers yet to be named. Bleed the cable at the signal's scream. We are all pulling away. I thought I was sharing a dream with someone down the street, but we all seem to be in need of the same thing: some semblance of identity, something parallel to gravity on a sphere. We are here for now, some looking out above the clouds, but most of us are shedding our old skin in frozen time, recorded history, we're somewhere in the longest line. The longest of longest lines.
Track Name: dog in the dark
Dog in the Dark
Back then, things were far too easy. Tenured men would pat me on the back for following their act, seeing sharply as a bat. Bouncing off of the walls, I found my way out of the cave. Collared shirts and haircuts fresh for the city, followed birds down the train tracks, through the back roads. I knew I had to go but where, I did not know. Falling over flat words, I flung myself out of the fold.
So many of those I remember I doubt could recall easily the boy on the ride with the thorn in his pride. He now follows nobody's lead.
Oh, my mentors are probably all sighing. I have sent for their wisdom with no reply. They must know that the easiest way never leads one to their proper place, to follow plan B is power for power's sake.
I wish I could tell you the whole truth, but this tongue just renders it vague. I'm a dog in the dark with a thorn in my paw. I would bark but I have had my day.
Now sirens sound an eternal song. There will be time, there will be endless time.
Let us go then, to the end of the ocean. See polaris, how he moves now as a wanderer. However, you are so stable in mind, and I promise good use of your time. I'm the bird on your ring, I've a thorn in my wing but I've learned to fly with it fine.
Track Name: panic song
Panic Song

Lately it's fine if I stay in my mind, those thoughts still come but don't linger as long. I have seen the present and now I know the difference in knowing you're in the right place and going just to go in some way. I think that's the cause of all this frost condensating on all these thoughts I've stored for years. And I know I've been wrong, but when I'm gone I hope to have sounded the gong in your sorried eyes, a panic song for worried ears.