five songs (2010)

by anthony savino

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Home recordings of four new songs and a cover.


released July 2, 2010

Anthony Savino-guitar and voice



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Track Name: the lens
you taught me to distrust them with that cold look in your eyes
you told me not to love them but i knew that wasn't right
you were wronged
how could i have ignored the way they mistreated you back then
to find you here trying to clear your head of all these misconceptions

she wants to be alone for now, at least until she finds
a better way to take the days one minute at a time
now she's gone
from the stealing eyes that run these streets, she's back in her hometown
i figured i'd returned to mine by now, but i know i'll come around

they don't seem to notice things that i can't hold inside
but it makes the days okay when we can drink and smile
it's been a long road
down which we've stumbled and i've used more crutches than
times i've been an honest friend, and to them i am forever in debt

where have i been
should i even try to go back home
i feel the wind
pushing me pulling me around
rattling my bones

now my nightmares outweigh any bouts of confidence
i try not to ignore the thought of looking through the lense
of song
to find out why the days and nights have us in this tug of war
what the hell are we still fighting for
my fingertips are sore
from fighting blind to stop the wheels of time
from running this poor boy out of line

were they right, should i have tried to keep face in their game
our parents taught that we all ought to respond well to shame
but we're strong
in knowing there's no one to blame but us and we can't love
if we throw each other underneath the bus
for the blunders of our mothers and the blood-run laws of vengeful fathers
this pedigree of lies has blinded you and me alike
we can't wait for time to shed some light