paradigm (2012)

by anthony savino

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Paradigm was written and performed by A. Savino with percussion on 'Cornerstone' by Clinton Lisboa and percussion on 'Overgrowth' by Chris deSousa.
It was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2012 at The Soundbox in New Bedford, MA by Clinton Lisboa


released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: kingdom
caught in a raincloud ripping rooftops off of houses built on ageless silt and sand with intent to stand. biblical wisdom said foundations would have crumbled on such land, but now with the roofs removed the structure seems in tune to some other truth. the rain crawls through the grain just to hold and strain the soft sinew. ninety degrees off of the endless shore and skylights open wide to hues from oranges to pinks and blues. back to where trees meet the shore your voice calls out for me to return to the shade and forest floor. ears to the ground, we hear the sound. the pulse of the earth is humming now, an age of rebirth will soon abound. though all around are clouds for now, worry not and think pure thoughts, your actions are results of clockwork sparks turning ticking in your heart. this machine beneath the screen of skeleton and muscle breathes the freshest air you'll ever breath. it is the breeze it is the seas its endless space its you and me.
Track Name: variables
come, preacher, down to the shore; leader, down to the courthouse steps; teacher, to your desk. run, children, now for the hills; wildmen, now to the killing fields; swindlers, to your deals. hold, brakeman, fast for the sign; take me down the line, i will pay you twice. wait, prisoner, we're on our way; sinner, how can you pray to who cast you with a soul askew? fate, leave me now in your arms, lead me now that the charm of grace has faded away. how are we to presume that there is a truth in words that those words can unearth? slow, general, now all the troops; admiral, now that you've looped around islands where's your solid ground? well, banker, you are an ant, that tanker cruising on frantic waves was christened by your cloned work days. breathe, human, like you are air; woman, your lover's hair will clean the dirt from your burdened feet. burn, sun, origin, o star, curse these brothers in arms that they may see the error of their way.
Track Name: soon
i want to know who's speaking in the dark. who makes it so i can't hear my way out of the cave? i want to know who's speaking when i talk if i don't own the words my tongue and teeth make. soon, i will unlearn all that i've heard, all of the terms and figures you brought to the shore from withering ports. you let not your wanderlust linger and took all you had seen: leaf from the tree, winds in the canyon not singing, water and oil now brimming. how when it fell the structure cracked the earth. we witnessed the rituals slide down from the roof. now i can tell why my tongue cast the words: great symbol, the billboard beckoning 'buy the new truth.' soon, we will relieve all of this heat, all of the tension tying you fast to the chain. breathe once again, share the air as a fountain. see the capitol fall, no longer the halls where shadows lengthen in whispers, plotting to poison our cisterns. we can't wait for their wants to wither.
Track Name: cornerstone
tie a knot for me. tie a knot in the old rope for me. scratch the wall for me. scratch the wall near the kitchen door for me. i am long gone from this place, but it's not gone from me. there's another moon in this town, but we hold ours anyhow. break a brick for me. break the cornerstone your father laid for thee. speak a word for me. speak the word you never spoke for me. many moons have passed now since i was in your house. stars are a river, stones are a giver, underwater, too. many who have passed on never left their song. stones are the meter, stars follow peter all the way through.
Track Name: patience
trying to find the patience in me. why do i hide where i don't like to be. leaving footsteps in the leaves, when i search i am unseen. a moses road of misery through the streets. trying to find the worth of it all. dishpan hands and the fever of fault. calculate all that you can, write your numbers in the sand, when you land you will forget the fall.
all the roads you wanted to take are gone, you're still moving, aren't you.
when did you solve that mystery in you. with tales so tall, are you at all true. when patience came to hand the papers caught you in demand, the graphs all lined the edges of your attitude. i hold the grudge that regret won't drop. will it budge, when will the ticking stop. i'll be in my head again singing books i've never read. could i glean the meaning clean from the plot.
all the names we wanted to take are lost, we're still calling in the wind.
Track Name: overgrowth
a fleeting and falsified glimpse of the eventual stars through fog, the ones i have waited for. baited breath, gates and doors in forms of light pollution, scaffolds, machinery, progress leave the sight of the stars to me as light as a highway daydream. they speak of the natural world as if it were a novelty. it's bleak as an infomercial in this modern scene. don't speak of the natural world as if it were an enemy that's breaching some rational search for higher humanity. we're free to be free if we want but our bridges and buildings are overgrown, wild, desperate for pruning. our words need detuning if we're to be proving ourselves. in theory, we're fearing ourselves. sidereal spheres toll the bell. come with me down to the river and see what we've done.
Track Name: arrow
there must be a way for viable peace
we vie for a piece of darkening days
we swift turn away on callousing feet
to glistening screens, to progress delayed
we turn a blind eye to that which we fear
we turn a deaf ear to povertied cries
in darkest of night we narrowly near
the arrow and spear instead of the light