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released September 20, 2016

vocals, guitars, bass, violins - anthony savino
drums, percussion - andrew g nault
vocal harmonies - adam henry
vocal harmonies - emily peal

recorded 2014-2016 in dorchester, ma
engineered, mixed and mastered by andrew g nault
produced by andrew g nault
all songs by anthony savino



all rights reserved
Track Name: What You Read
are you weak in the knees from following your feet
lying there in the street by the fountain?
do believe what you read, there are rivers in the leaves
and waves in the seas like mountains

you were young and alive when summer passed you by
and the moon became your own light
but the river to your right is a mystery wide
why is it so bright on the far side?

when you first came around you were rain coming down
now you hit the ground like sawdust
and you say this town it ain't what you found
how you gonna sound in august?

is it lack of faith that's pulling you away?
is it what you take from your family?
is it what you don't say because you think that it's strange?
keep your hands free

are you weak in the knees from following your feet
lying there in the street by the fountain?
do believe what you read, there are rivers in the leaves
and waves in the seas like mountains
Track Name: When You Arrive
the moon is all bright
some lower clouds keep cover
the storm is off
trains arrive
this is somewhere
nearing all the edges
under waxing moon

don’t let anybody know
don’t take your word for anything
don’t let anyone know
if the colors are dry
the blue that blankets the back of your mind
when you arrive
stones are worn
leaves are torn and dry

do something else now
don’t have to be right now
all will take shape
make something else now
if you’ve seen it all
through the trees the wind will sing
what the birds leave out

I will follow you home
Track Name: Where the Grasses Grow
I know where this road goes
I was here the other day
I know where this road goes
have you gone the other way

I know where this river flows
I was here the other night
I know where this river flows
have you seen it in the light

I know where the grasses grow
I know where the grasses grow

I see what the moonlight shows
I see what the moonlight shows

I know
I know

No cold wind this winter came
No cold rain, no stars, no flame
Track Name: The Waves
peacoats and pockets, poets and prophets, who is caught by a head change
a red roof burned to the ground and the blue of the screen marks window at first hour
rhythm and rock tear the sheets into ribbon, skyscraper bricks line the parkway
who’s to say that a gift was lost, that a choice was made, that the time came

rebels remark that the reasons are wrong, who is someone to sit on the old throne
a new arcade came to town today, marked the money it made, took off with some souls
borders are bolstered, the bulk of the boats turns in circles to backtrack and cover the waves
when this breaks will the market research say you got what you earned, some jobs were saved
Track Name: Highway Song
moonset with mania in my breath, orange rind sunrise bind the rooftops
moonset with nausea in my bed, draw the line at martyr mind, stop

calm me when I’m upset, tell me it’s just monday night
call me to just forget, it’s too much to bear

midnight with notebook and writing pen, back and forth, use the floor
to gather up materials
midnight the notebook is blank again, out the door the streets are more
receptive to wandering

come here, I’m not dead yet, tonight there’s a ghostly wind
I came here to break a sweat, left with a broken shin

highway feeling I know thee well, can I be sure of my compass
highway, really thy length’s not hell, and I have been travelling
the opposite way
Track Name: Parallel Lines
I won’t watch any more sunsets
I just watch the light in my room
it turns the windowsill orange
I rest in black clothes
time holds vision from me

I hear the drums again
and wordless singing
they are with me forever
things I do are strange to me
if there’s reason, who has followed it
where are they

are they surrounded by things
like I’m surrounded by things
none of this is me
I want to escape it
I will follow the light

Is it rational
the mystery
Is it worthwhile
to be rational

this morning I watched the light enter my room
as it did it came through the blinds
forming parallel lines
one by one
slower than the sea
Track Name: Slow Parade
if I were promised
greys to read this spectrum
water wash the rhythm ‘til the rain
makes it shine like new

if you were honest
you would say you’re waiting
colors in your ribbon won’t be changing
anytime soon

when you leave Boston
history’s grey footprint
leave the notes to wither on the walls
don’t rely on words

if I feel boxed in
slow parade of aging
come the day we’re marching I’ll be waving

you were there
you were there
sunlight fell like water
premonitions burned
these lives are left to reason
on a ream of college rule
above the highway
floating to the west
Track Name: The Storm
should this cable drown
down beneath the sand
would it lay

should some thoughts appear
far beyond your words
would they stay

if I write you
the storm carried me home
and left me a stranger here

just to call your name
I would throw these tomes
to the cave

just before I tear
from bending night your star
I will wait

if you write me
the words follow the road
I rode to be where you are not
Track Name: Hurricane
followed that cloud until the thunder did sound
and we rode that road until the lightning showed how
never had I seen the power of light
but the storm that night did open my eyes

wondered I then, what were the accidents
if it happens once can it happen again
and who would they save if a hurricane this way
did breeze and blow, who would they save

what do they mean, those words on the screen
or are they etched in stone, they are unknown to me
I know thoughts go where no words can follow
I went that way and broke my own nose

look at these hands, they have never laid land
no they break their bread and they love their brands
up in the sky is a picture broad and wide
and if you close your eyes it still burns so bright
Track Name: Passenger
passenger you wake up seven miles from home
everything you thought was dreamed through the window came
ambiguity of senses, memories don’t call
at such speeds they howl and turn like the morning bell
corners of the city quiet until construction came
exalting the camera, cop cars creep, keep the kids home
translucence permeates through the sound of bells
pageantry practiced to craft this a comedy, cue the curtain call

monday morning diner, symphony of solipsistic seats of mind
where the time goes no one sleeps by the big boats
through these west end shadows carried a caffeine dream
with weight of waiting for the weekend, waves of breaking foam
city hall was sleeping like a sunken boat
masses shook while the hands of crooks in suits held their seats
if we follow history beneath the rising foam
through the screen and window the wind blows the calendar dreams